Sunday, February 24, 2008


Welcome, All!

The purpose of this blog is to be helpful to all vegans, vegetarians, and like-minded caring individuals. It's to help you find something to eat when you are on the road or visiting your steak-loving relatives, find a good toy for your dog or cat, see if StandOnYourSoapbox brand soap tests on animals. It's to possibly help you go vegan. It's to give you a lot of information, and hopefully save you time. It's a labor of love for me.

Currently, the topics will include (and will be updated in alphabetical order)

*Restaurants (sit-down, take-out, and fast food)
*Pets/Companion Animals (dental care, toys, etc)
*Cosmetics/Body Care (animal testing, animal ingredients)

I will also have user-submitted entries, if you all are so inclined. Please email me at veg consumer at yahoo dot com. Please include your forwarded email FROM the company, so I can ensure that the info is legitimate and current. Thanks so much!
PLEASE no spam. Be nice, you guys!

Note: Please use your own discretion when buying anything. Some companies are large and own smaller companies, and you may disagree with this. You may hate Taco Bell, but Susie in the middle of nowhere, USA is trying to find a vegan bite to eat. This is a resource to help the largest amount of people possible!

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